Welcome to eSewa Payment API documentation. eSewa enables customer to make payment from associated merchant application in secure environment. The payment amount is deposited into their eSewa wallet or bank account.

Whom this is for

Business house and Organization interested on adding online payment facilities to their system and provide a value added to customers.

Intent of Document

This document is intended for partners merchant seeking to integrate and transact with the eSewa. This document can used as a reference in the planning, building, and deploying of applications wishing to integrate eSewa payment system. Contained within are specific implementation details concerning general guidelines, transaction flow and validation process which all partner applications should adhere to. This information should help accelerate the integration efforts of eSewa payment system with merchant application. This document does not necessarily define specific ways to implement the guidelines and procedures contained within. Vendor, platform, and architectural considerations may influence the manner in which individual systems comply. The focus of this document is to detail how partner applications establish connectivity to eSewa and outline the transaction process with or without verification process. A full and detailed description of the transactions and associated data elements is included.